We offer one to one sessions, group programmes and workshops as well as visits to schools and businesses.

Children’s Workshops

  • Star Wars Inspired Emotional Resilience – lively, drama-based imaginative fun and games designed to awaken the Force of your child’s inner strength and help them to manage the Dark Side of life

Relaxing, craft-based workshops

  • Peaceful Parenting – take some creative time out for yourself to replenish emotional energy whilst learning techniques to build your own emotional resilience and support your child
  • Parent and Child – a chance to spend some lovely time together away from the busyness of everyday life, talk and listen to each other and learn how to cope better with life’s tricky situations
  • Relaxation, Revitalisation, Resilience – designed by a teacher with school staff in mind. A chance to recover from stress, replenish energy , rebuild shattered confidence and rediscover your own resourcefulness. Learn techniques to restore balance to your personal and professional life in order cope better with the demands of our current pressurised educational environment and live the healthy, happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

Developing emotional resilience through self-awareness.